MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — The keepers of the Ocean Woods Memorial Cemetery added new mulch, an irrigation system to water the grass, painted the fence, cleaned leaves and cleaned headstones to make it more presentable.

The Ocean Woods Memorial Cemetery is 19 acres of land, with six more acres expected to be plot-ready in about three years.

The manager, Kurt Klepper, said it’s going to take about three years to update the entire cemetery because there are three staff members working on this project.

He said the goal is to make it presentable to everybody that is buried here and the families that have people here and we want people to want to be buried here, not just because it’s the cemetery in town.”

“[There’s] a tremendous amount of history in the cemetery as far as people that come before us and pave the way and built the town we live in,” Klepper said. “So it’s important to remember who’s here and what they’ve accomplished. I think everybody is appreciative of what we’re trying to accomplish out here.”

Along with new flowers, some new trees, fresh mulch and fresh grass, pavement is expected to be done at the end of the summer. Instead of dirt, the roads that go throughout the cemetery will be chip and seal pavement, similar to a state park.

The Ocean Woods Memorial Cemetery is off of South Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach.