MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — This week’s Beach Bites feature definitely fits in well with the restaurant’s name.

You don’t have to get sand between your toes to get “Beached” — you just have to stop at this new place for some good eats.

Whether you are in a rush or have time to kill, the folks at this restaurant, which opened at the end of May, are working to make some noise in the Myrtle Beach food scene.

Co-owner Dylan Ferguson said there have been a lot of positives already in the short time that Beached has been open.

“We opened up May 30,” he said. “And the first week starting off as a new restaurant was kind of slow,” he said. “But even from the first week, our reviews have been awesome.”

Ferguson describes the restaurant as “fast casual.”

“We try to bust out our tickets within, I want to say a three to four-minute ticket time, and as you did say, some items do take a little bit longer,” he said. “We do try to kind of make sure that we are hitting those times but also making sure the food quality and how the presentation looks is spot-on.”

Presentation is important. but it is nothing without taste. That includes their Boardwalk Banger Bowl with fried shrimp and the Weekender Sandwich with Korean BBQ marinated steak. You can even use the drive-through to check out what’s on the menu.

“Oh, that lovely drive-through,” Ferguson said. “It was a hassle to set up. But now that it is finally up and running, we have seen business grow because of that. A lot of the Doordash and our online ordering, everybody goes right to the drive-through. It’s nice and convenient for all of them. And especially nowadays, not a lot of people really want to get out of their cars to go into a restaurant, so it does add a convenient factor.”

Along with that convenience is the goal to expand their menu, too, from simpler healthier options like side salads to cool frozen treats.

“Definitely want to see it grow, and currently we are working on some new menu items, like getting something on here for dessert,” Ferguson said. “We did order a Dole Whip machine.”

If that’s your thing, then get excited as the Dole Whip machine was just installed, but that’s not the only cool thing happening right now. This spot is also striving to show appreciation for those keeping us safe locally.

“Every Monday in July, we are doing a lifeguard appreciation day which is a 20% off your meal,” Ferguson said. “All you got to do is come in with your uniform, and I’ll give a little 20% off. Also moving forward, going ahead we are going to plan a first-responders’ day. So, we are going to have policemen day and a firefighter day.”

Stay tuned for those and all that’s to come from Beached, which is located at 6108 North Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach.