HORRY COUNTY S.C. (WBTW) — A Grande Dunes couple decided to donate six FIDO Bag to the Myrtle Beach Fire Department.

A FIDO bag is designed to help save pets’ lives during fires. When it comes to house fires, pets often flee or hide. Their owners aren’t always able to get them out.

That’s where FIDO Bags from the FETCH Foundation come in handy for firefighters.

Each bag has an oxygen mask, wipes, leashes and other supplies to help save pets’ lives at fires and other emergencies.

Myrtle Beach Fire Department Division Chief Bradley Kempf said they haven’t received a donation of these bags since 2005.

The couple said they purchased the bags to help the department and the pets in the community.

“You never know what you’re going to find when you go to a fire,” said John Mazur, who donated the bags. “You’re going to find people, you’re going to find animals. God only knows what you’re going to find. And to have them you know, they don’t take up that much room if they can save your pets life because most people look at their pets like their children so, it’s very important to have it.”

One bag will go to each of the fire stations.