MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Hundreds of people gathered at Chapin Memorial Park Wednesday night to support Grand Strand Action Together in their Rally for Reproductive Rights.

The rally was in opposition to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and give states the power to make laws about abortion.

The treasurer of Grand Strand Action Together, Lorraine Woodward, said the event was a rapid response to the Supreme Court’s decision.

“We just wanted to organize to let people know that we obviously are very distressed by this decision,” Woodward said.

She hoped the event would make people pay attention and understand how the court’s decision could affect them.

“My hope is that we will energize and galvanize people who maybe are not really paying attention, especially women who are not paying attention, to what this really may mean for their future, their children’s future, their grandchildren’s future,” she said.

One speaker at the rally, Anna Shull, said events like the this one are good calls to action.

“If you feel strongly at all about this cause we need your voice,” Shull said. “We need your voice on social media, we need it in person, we need it in your schools, we need it in every public place and platform that we can have you, we need your donations, we need your signatures, we need you.”

People who are anti-abortion gathered outside of the park during the rally. One anti-abortion protestor, Eric Johnson, said he was there to show the other side of the issue.

“Every life has value, every life I believe is made in the image of God, so that means every life should be protected,” Johnson said.

He said he does not think a woman should have the option to have an abortion.

“That baby has its own DNA, its own fingerprint, it’s completely separate from body,” he said. “So they say ‘my body my choice’ it’s really not. Yes, that baby is dependent upon that woman but so would be my 90 year old grandmother, but if she is a burden on me I don’t have the right to kill her.”

Both sides said the next steps in the debate would depend on voting.

“What we do is we keep tabs on the legislature, legislators, make sure they’re doing the right thing, make sure they’re passing the right, appropriate bills instead of just putting a Band-Aid over it,” Johnson said.

“We would like people to vote, to understand that women’s rights are important, that their power is at the ballot box to vote for people who will protect women’s rights,” Woodward said.

Shull said it is important to note that even states that have a Republican majority have people fighting for women to be able to have an abortion.

“We see a lot of protests from California, New York, those blue areas and I want people to know that even in these deep red states there are people fighting for bodily autonomy and just gain that attention in the public eye,” Shull said.

Myrtle Beach police were at the rally monitoring the crowds.