MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — South Carolina has a unique rescue team that is a military and civilian partnership with local fire departments.

The Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team (HART) responds to life and death situations across the state that are hard for other rescue teams to access.

“We go after folks that may be trapped on the side of a mountain, we go after folks that may be deep into the woods that it would take a long time to extricate them from the woods,” said Ken Kerber, assistant state fire marshal over the Emergency Response Task Force. “Obviously part of our name is aquatic so we do a lot of flood water hurricane response.”

The team is highly trained and uses Black Hawk and Lakota helicopters for rescues. Each member has a medical background and rescuers are all firefighters.

“All of our guys are trained in all types of situations whether its on land, in the mountains, in the water, open water, flood water, ponds, lakes, whatever the case may be,” Kerber said.

The team is trained to handle emergencies everywhere.

“The benefit of this program is it goes from the sea to the mountains and we can take this resource anywhere its needed,” said Chad Beam, a rescue swimmer for HART. “It’s a resource that can be called 24/7, 365 anywhere in the state of South Carolina.”

HART also responds to other states like Texas and Louisiana to help when disasters occur, such as hurricanes.

“For when hurricane season is here we’re always prepared for the large type of flood event rooftop rescues, so we anticipate it,” Beam said. “[Hurricane season] doesn’t change our training, it doesn’t change our preparedness, we’re always prepared, we’re training every month.”

While they are all medically trained, Kerber said they usually transport people to the next step of care instead of performing the medical tasks themselves.