MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Horry County police arrested two men and seized more about 86 pounds of a “green leafy substance” believed to be marijuana on Monday at Myrtle Beach International Airport.

Myan McCray, 20, of Conway, and Canaan Pierce, 20, of Longs, were booked into the J. Reuben Long Detention Center and released on bond later in the week, according to online jail records records.

Police also seized about $2,500 from McCray, who is accused of hitting an officer and bloodying his nose, according to warrants obtained by News13. He also allegedly spit on another officer while being placed into a patrol vehicle.

The arrests were the result of a “baggage interdiction operation” conducted at the airport by the Horry County Police Narcotics and Vice Division, police said. During the operation, a K-9 alerted officers to the scent of drugs in two bags.

As the investigation unfolded, officers conducting surveillance near the baggage carousel saw two men pick up the bags, the warrants said. Officers stopped one of the men — identified by McCray as a result of the charges against him — and explained to him that a K-9 had “alerted to the bags.”

The man then denied officers’ requests to search the bag, the warrant said. He also told officers that he did not have identification with him, even though he had just left an area of the airport that required a proper ID.

The man then tried to flee when a detective tried to take a picture of him for identification purposes. In the process of being detained by other officers, he allegedly hit a detective in the face and bloodied his nose, the warrant said. He also allegedly spit on another officer while being placed into a police cruiser.

The injured detective was given first aid by Horry County Fire Rescue, the warrant said.

In the meantime, officials also detained the second suspect — Pierce — who admitted to “having trafficking amounts of marijuana inside his suitcase,” the warrant said.

McCray is charged with trafficking in marijuana, assault while resisting arrest and throwing of bodily fluids by a prisoner. Pierce was charged with trafficking in marijuana.

* * *

Dennis Bright is a digital producer at News13. Dennis is a West Virginia native and graduate of Marshall University. He has won copyediting and journalism awards in West Virginia and Ohio. Follow Dennis on Twitter and read more of his work here.