MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — The first-ever Myrtle Beach AM skateboarding competition brought skaters from across the country to the Matt Hughes Skate Park.

The two-day event was created to raise money for the park. Skaters and supporters wanted to fix the half-pipe, add a bowl and extend the park.

“Hopefully it’s extended and there’s more added on to the park,” volunteer Caleb Griffin said.

Friday was a free-skate day for anyone to skate and practice. The competition was held on Saturday and hundreds of community members showed up for the event.

“Seeing the amount of people here and the overwhelming support, it’s fantastic, Griffin said. “There was people lining up already at like 10 o’clock, an hour before the competition started.”

Nearly a dozen local businesses were represented at the event. They included food trucks, ice cream trucks, skating businesses, clothing business and more. Weston Dowell, the owner of Wise Dreamers used to skate and was excited about how many people showed up to participate and support.

“It’s amazing. I mean growing up here, skating when I was younger and seeing the turnout today, it’s like, it’s exhilarating,” Dowell said.

Dowell hopes the event will have a positive impact on more than just the skating community.

“I think the outcome will be great,” he said. “I mean people will see that we aren’t only a large city but a good skate community and large skate community, and got a lot of love for it, so hopefully we can keep doing this and keep building the community, and that’s what we’re here for.”

“It’s about having some fun, lets do it, bam,” he said.