MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Uber drivers across the country are asking for more warnings against scammers who are stealing money from their accounts.

News13’s Maya Lockett spoke with a Myrtle Beach Uber driver who said he fell victim to an imposter.

Angel De Jesus said he started driving for Uber in Myrtle Beach a year ago to supplement the eight-hour shift he was accustomed to working in New York.

“I picked that gig up to, you know, work three, four hours a day, and then it went from four to six to eight, sometimes 12 hours away from my family, to provide the supplement that I needed to get from month to month,” De Jesus said.

However, those long shifts came to a screeching halt after one phone call changed his view on Uber.

“I was accused of driving intoxicated,” De Jesus said.

In March, he received a call from someone claiming to be from Uber support who said passengers had accused De Jesus of driving them while he was under the influence.

“I asked him, how do I know you’re not scamming me? He said ‘oh no, Angel, you are one of our platinum drivers, you have x amount of drives, you have x amount of deliveries, you have five stars,'” De Jesus said. “‘And don’t worry, you know, you will be compensated for your lost time.'”

De Jesus said he “got very worried” because it was such a serious allegation.

“So I pulled over and followed every instruction he gave me,” De Jesus said. “He was very aggressive, first demanding, like very authority wise. And then he kind of became a friend of mine. He told me things will get better.”

After the allegations were discovered to be false, the person claiming to be from Uber support offered him compensation of $200.

“I said $200, that pushed me to 900 — that’s a big goal,” De Jesus said. “That’s something I will look forward to.”

On the other line was a scammer that sent him a card number to cash out. However, for it to work, De Jesus said he was told to delete his debit card and transfer all $700 into an external account, which ended up belonging to the imposters.

De Jesus said he ended up losing a week’s worth of earnings.

“I’m like, you’re lying man, this does not look right,” De Jesus said. “I call over to verify, and the first thing when I told the Uber representative, he said, ‘oh, you’ve been scammed.”

There have been reports of similar situations in Colorado, Georgia, Rhode Island and Texas since 2022. However, when De Jesus asked Uber for help, he said he only received a message stating that”there was no evidence to suggest your account was compromised.”

“I feel betrayed,” he said. “I feel betrayed by Uber. I’m looking for a job to replace Uber.”

De Jesus said he has seen this issue with more Uber drivers in the area, and while some have gotten their money back, others have not.

* * *

Maya Lockett is a reporter at News13. Maya is from Los Angeles. She joined the News13 team in November 2021. She graduated from Syracuse University. Follow Maya on Twitter and read more of her work here.

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