MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — The war in Israel not only hurts the people there, but also families and community members in the United States — including in Myrtle Beach.

Rabbi Avi Perets at Temple Emanuel said he still has family in Israel. He said his 7-year-old niece told him she was scared. He also added that hearing sirens, alarms and explosions everyday isn’t and shouldn’t be a normal thing.

Perets said Hamas is launching missiles wherever they can. He said Hamas thinks more blood and more dead Israelis is considered a success in their eyes.

He said that he thinks Iran is “the source of evil” and is the one funding multiple terrorist organizations. Perets said in order to destroy Hamas, the Israeli military will need to go in and clear the area of the terrorists.

Perets said that could take a long time, especially now because they have more than 150 hostages. He added that among those currently kidnapped are babies, children, grandparents and even entire families.

Perets said that 75 years ago, Jewish people fought for their survival during the Holocaust and they won. But once again — they need hope.

“The Israeli national anthem is ‘Tikvah’ which means hope. The Jewish people, even though they went through so much, you know, troubles, in our history, we were always hopeful,” he said. “So, with the help of the American people, with the help of the Jewish people, and many supporters in the Christian community, and of course with the help of God, who inspires us, we will win.”

Temple Emanuel said the city of Myrtle Beach has offered to provide more security as a result of the attacks, and they’re thankful for the city’s support.

There are multiple ways to donate to help Israel during this challenging time. Click on the hyperlink to donate to any of the three charitable options below.

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