MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Riptydz in Myrtle Beach failed to properly pay wages to employees in violation of the South Carolina Payment of Wages Act, according to a lawsuit filed July 22.

The lawsuit claims Riptydz illegally deducted tips from employees’ wages and also forced employees to do non-tipped work at a pay rate less than what’s legal.

The lawsuit claims employees were required to attend meetings a half hour before the start of their shift, but were only paid $2.13/hour for that time and not the state’s minimum wage of $7.25. Employees would also have to work during off-hours to deep clean the restaurant while only being paid $2.13/hour.

Riptydz is also accused of unlawful tipping practices. The lawsuit claims the restaurant made employees work overtime without paying lawful wages.

Tami Hessler, who filed the lawsuit, worked for the restaurant between March 2019 and June 2022. She said during that time, employees had to give a portion of their tips to a mandatory tip pool, had to pay for their own “Riptydz” t-shirts, jackets and polos, while taking a tip credit.

The restaurant also made employees pay for their own parking, despite paying lower wages, according to the lawsuit.

Riptydz is also accused of keeping tips on curbside and to-go orders for the “house,” according to the lawsuit.

Hessler claims she and other employees were not paid all wages because employees were not “paid proper minimum wage, overtime wages, incurred expenses for the benefit of [Riptydz], and had improper deductions taken from their wages and tips,” according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims Riptydz owes the affected employees unlawfully deducted tips, at least minimum wage for all hours worked, amounts charged to them for t-shirts, jackets, polos or aprons, and amounts paid for parking.

The lawsuit says Hessler and affected employees are owed three times the amount of the deducted wages, plus other court costs. The lawsuit also asks for an injunction requiring Riptydz to change its policies.

A jury trial is requested.

News13 reached out to Riptydz for comment and is waiting to hear back.