MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – Medical staff spent Friday getting ready for Myrtle Beach’s Marathon happening Saturday.

Grand Strand Medical Center set up a field hospital at Pelican Stadium and five medical tents throughout the marathon course.

“Thankfully most of the medical emergencies that occur at this event are fairly minor,” assistant medical director for the marathon and ER physician Dr. Mike Kozlowski said. “So we’re talking things like cuts, scrapes and bruises, dehydration, that can be solved with oral rehydration.”

Around 30 nurses from the hospital will be volunteering at the event alongside ER residents and physicians to handle a range of medical situations that may come up among runners, including more serious issues like heat exhaustion and low sodium levels.

Doctors hope the March temperatures keep runners out of the medic tents, compared to last year’s marathon which was delayed until May.

“A lot less sweating and exhaustion during running,” Dr. Kozlowski said. “You lose a lot less water and sodium. So it’s a more comfortable environment for them to run in.”

The Myrtle Beach Fire Department is also sending medic crews out for the event.

“We’ve been really planning this event for several months most intensely over the past few weeks,” Dr. Kozlowski said. “This is definitely one of the largest events that we’re involved in.”

The marathon kicks off at 7 a.m. Saturday on Grissom Parkway.