LADY LAKE, Fla. (WBTW) — Two people from Myrtle Beach were arrested Wednesday on drug charges after a driver was stopped in a Wendy’s drive-thru “for an extended period,” according to a police report obtained by News13.

Michael Paul Bays, 33, was charged with trafficking in fentanyl, four grams or more; marijuana possession; possession of drug paraphernalia; driving without a license; and failure to sign a criminal citation, according to police. The police report also lists a Jacksonville, Florida, address for Bays.

Katherine Scott Holman, 31, was charged with trafficking in fentanyl, four grams or more; possession of a controlled substance; and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to police.

On Wednesday, police noticed a white Toyota Camry with a South Carolina license plate “made an abrupt right turn” into a Wendy’s parking lot on Bichara Boulevard in Lady Lake, according to police.

Police saw Bays “stopped in the drive-through for an extended period of time” and initiated a traffic stop, according to the report. Bays was allegedly driving with a suspended South Carolina license. His Florida license was also allegedly suspended.

An officer noticed the smell of “freshly burnt” marijuana that “was attempted to be masked with perfume or another fragrance” coming from the car, according to the report.

After Bays was arrested, an officer approached Holman, who was a passenger in the vehicle, according to the report. While searching the car, the officer found a glass pipe and a black bag containing contained a bag of fentanyl, a scale covered in fentanyl, multiple syringes, filters, and other paraphernalia.

Also inside the bag, police found two syringes filled with fentanyl and cotton balls that field-tested positive for fentanyl, according to the report.

Bays was found with 13.4 grams of fentanyl, 5.9 grams of marijuana, two pipes, multiple syringes and a drug scale, which he admitted were his, according to the report. Holman was also found with fentanyl cotton balls, pills and other drug paraphernalia inside her purse.

While being booked, Bays refused to sign the criminal citation and purposely smeared his thumbprint, according to the report.

Bays and Holman were booked into the Lake County Jail. Bays was held on a $54,000 bond as of Monday morning, according to online booking records. Holman was released Friday on a $28,000 bond.