MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — A tiny homes project in Myrtle Beach began with the goal of helping one veteran at a time, but it quickly morphed into a much larger project.

“In the next eight weeks, we’ve got [to get] 25 veterans off the street, that’s the goal,” said Scott Dulebohn, the executive director of the Veterans Welcome Home Resource Center.

But tiny homes are not the only buildings under construction.

“There’s another resource center that will have the laundromat and kitchen, and we have eight more duplexes that are scheduled to be on the property,” Dulebohn said. “So, we still have to go back to the city and get it approved.”

Darious Sanders, ane veteran who lived at the center in Little River, will be placed in one of the tiny homes being built in Myrtle Beach. He served in the Marine Corps for seven years, and when he came home, he was met with a few challenges, including homelessness.

“The typical PTSD, traumatic brain injury, years of seizures, things of that nature,” Sanders said.

Now, he’s excited about his new home and is thankful for the help he’s received from the Veterans Welcome Home Resource Center.

“{It feels} awesome, I mean it’s just an awesome place, awesome staff,” Sanders said.

This project is being funded through donations. The resource center holds fundraisers throughout the year and is always accepting donations. Dulebohn said it’s amazing how the community has come together to help local veterans.

“I don’t have words for it anymore,” he said. “There are some folks who wake up who have nothing on their schedule, nobody taking care of them, nobody to call and say hi, and we’ve created a family here where folks check on you and they make sure you’re OK and you have a purpose when you wake up in the morning.”

Dulebohn said he will not stop working until every veteran in Horry County is off the streets.