MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — A helicopter rolled over at Myrtle Beach International Airport on July 4 after the pilot was unable to maintain control during a hover taxi, the National Transportation Safety Board said in a final investigative report.

The pilot and two passengers suffered minor injuries in the incident involving a Robinson R44 helicopter, the NTSB said. The helicopter sustained “substantial” damage.

According to the report, the helicopter was about three feet off the ground when the pilot’s door “popped open.” He told investigators that he “instinctively removed his left hand from the collective to shut the door.”

Before he could reach the door, the report said there was a reduction in power and the helicopter rolled over onto its right side, resulting in damage to the fuselage and main rotor system.

The report said the 26-year-old pilot had a total of 281 hours of flight time in the make and model helicopter involved in the incident.

The NTSB also did not send an investigator to the scene, the report said.

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