MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBW) — Pride Myrtle Beach is asking people to stay in and spend their money within Myrtle Beach city limits and not in Horry County after county leaders rescinded a Pride Month resolution in June.

“The city of Myrtle Beach offers many beautiful accommodations and some of the best restaurants, brewery’s and shopping in the southeast,” the nonprofit organization said in a Facebook post. “During this Pride Week we ask that you stay and spend your money within the city limits of Myrtle Beach.”

“Horry County issued, then rescinded a Pride Month Proclamation in June of 2022, but the City of Myrtle Beach remained in support of our communities and let their Pride Month Proclamation stand,” the post said.

The organization also said the post is not calling for a boycott. Instead, the group hopes to inform visitors about the situation so they can make choices about where to spend money.

“Myrtle Beach supports our communities, Horry County does not,” the post said. “Please spend accordingly.”

Horry County Councilman Johnny Vaught previously said the Pride Month resolution was overlooked because it was part of the consent agenda but said people reached out to him saying a pride month proclamation doesn’t reflect the views of the conservative majority of Horry County residents.

Craig McGee doesn’t agree with that. He said people in the LGBTQ+ community are just as much of a part of the county.
“A lot of LGBTQ+ visitors live, work and visit here every year, and we’re a big part of the economy,” he said. “We pay taxes, we pay businesses in the county and in the city,” McGee said.

McGee said he thinks everyone has the right to know about the places they’re shopping at, especially while on vacation.
“We’re just asking that visitors that come into town, first off that they know what happened, and second that they might want to choose to spend their money inside of Myrtle Beach,” McGee said. “[It’s] just to give them an option to show them where they’re supported and where they’re not supported.”

News13 reached out to Vaught for comment about the Facebook post. He said, “no thank you, this is a dead issue with me.”

Pride Week is Sept. 25 through Oct. 2.