MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Myrtle Beach leaders are holding off on plans to reduce the amount of time people have to offer feedback on neighborhood structural projects after more than a dozen residents concerned about the change showed up for a public hearing on the issue.

The city’s planning commission made the decision on Tuesday after hearing from seven residents during the hearing who expressed concerns about the change being sought by the city’s community appearance board.

They are worried that they won’t have enough time to provide input if the feedback period is changed from 10 business days to 10 calendar days — as is being recommended by the appearance board.

“It’s important that the city understand that we have a growing community, and as a growing community, the citizens would like to have a say in what may be going up right next door to our neighborhoods,” Terry Livingston, a resident of the Seana Park community said.

Livingston’s comments referred to a recent push for a 305-unit apartment building to be built on Marina Parkway.

Planning Comissision member Sally Howard said the change will have more of a direct impact on staff members than community members.

“The time change, calendar days would affect staff,” she said. “It does not affect community board members. All of this happens before you get to a meeting with the agenda and the information in front of you.”

Another public hearing is scheduled for at the next plannign commission meeting on April 19.