MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — The 40th annual Grand Strand Health Fair gave about 400 people the opportunity to get their blood work done for $30 Saturday morning.

Nursing students from Horry Georgetown Technical College helped draw patients’ blood during the fair, which was conducted between Dillard’s and Bed Bath and Beyond inside the Coastal Grand Mall. The blood was used to test patients’ thyroid, magnesium levels, sodium levels and more.

Tiffany Keys, the chief nursing officer at Grand Strand Health, said that getting tested is important for your future health.

“The earlier we can catch that the more we can reduce the risks of complications that are related to those diseases you can encounter later in your life,” she said.

A phlebotomy student at HGTC, who was working the fair, said everyone should have blood work done annually.

“Blood testing can show you things that are wrong with your body without necessarily feeling pain or anything like that, so it’s an important thing to do,” Brenna Colmer said.

Keys said patients were told what to do after they got their results.

“Take that, share that with your family physician and develop a plan of care for your own personal health,” she said.

Organizers said the health fair had many benefits.

“It’s just really rewarding to be able to partner with our community and see how we can expand beyond the four walls of the hospital and be out and advocate for wellness care,” Keys said.

One participant said he was thankful for this event.

“[We’re] really glad they are doing this for the community and public,” Mikie Gibson said.