MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — A state advocacy group is hoping that greater attention will lead to movement on gun laws.

“Cause at this point it’s not a matter of if it’s going to happen, it’s a matter of when it’s going to happen,” said Caitlin Czeh, who survived the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting.

Czeh is also an advocate with Moms Demand Action, a national group that has a chapter in South Carolina that she said promotes “common sense” gun laws.

Those efforts are being revived, she said, by the Uvalde shooting that killed 19 students and two adults, and has since sparked discussion nationwide on gun laws — including a bill in the U.S. Senate with bipartisan support.

The bill includes background checks on all firearm sales and “red flag” gun laws that would remove firearms from people who may be a threat to themselves and others.

“We’re hoping it can be revived and the players who stepped out to come back to the table and work on that,” said Czeh.

There have been more than three dozen deadly shootings within the Grand Strand area this year. Czeh is hoping that people learn how to safely store a gun, which can include getting a gun lock and participating in the BE SMART gun program.