MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — City of Myrtle Beach development leaders and community members have been discussing plans to update parts of the Arts & Innovation District. The current proposal affects the area between Oak Street, 8th Avenue North and Highway 501.

“When you kind of align the roads in a better way than they are today it creates this space or area that this open space can fit into,” said Lauren Clever, the director for the downtown development.

The goal of the proposal is to make the area an open space. A space similar to The Pavilion or Nance Plaza, but with more infrastructure.

The idea was first brought up in the Master Plan in 2019.

Officials working on the project created a picture of what the area could look like. The picture showed a space for events to take place, vendors to occupy and people to enjoy on their own.

Clever wanted there to be an art museum, library and residential building in the district.

“We want it to function in a way that means something to the community that it sits in and means something to the folks who are going to use it,” Clever said.

She said that specific area is vital to economic development.

“That space specifically adds so much tremendous value to what we are trying to accomplish. Something that is going to draw our community to a place, you know it’s going to be kind of a central area, so when they are here in the Arts and Innovation District it’s a place to stop and hang out,” Clever said.

A main part of the the proposal is a residential building. Clever wanted to focus on what people who live here want and to attract people to stay here.

“We want people to live and it also sustains the business and economy that surrounds it. People who live there want a place to eat, get them some coffee. By living there and having the walkability makes it a cool urban space that’s unique to Myrtle Beach,” Clever said.

This project is still in the rendering stage. The cost for this project has not been discussed, but Clever told News13 the city wants to get a public-private partnership.

A more finalized proposal could be ready in the early summer.