MYRTLE BEACH S.C. (WBTW) — Visit Myrtle Beach is launching a new reality TV show featuring Grand Strand restaurants — a cooking competition show called “Chef Swap at The Beach.”

The show will highlight 12 Grand Strand restaurants and will be hosted by chef Amanda Freitag. She previously was a judge on Food Network’s “Chopped” and has appeared on “Iron Chef America.”

In the show, Freitag will pull chefs out of their home kitchens and swap them into each other’s restaurants to prepare a new dish for evaluation by a panel of judges.

“I’m excited for people all over the nation to see those restaurants and learn about the great offering here in Myrtle Beach, but what happened during the filming is the stories about the individual came out in really powerful ways,” Visit Myrtle Beach public relations manager Julie Ellis said.

Some of the restaurants featured are 44 & King and Winna’s Kitchen. Chefs will not know which kitchen they’ll be in or what they’ll be preparing, but they will be able to take one ingredient with them.

Winna’s lead chef and co-owner Jessica Sagun loved the “swap” part of the new show.

“That’s where I thrive,” Sagun said. “I love that. I love cooking on the fly. I love different ingredients. I am very ADD and so quick changes, that’s just right up my alley.”

44 & King also had a chef in the competition and the restaurant’s managing partner said it was exciting to see their chef come out of his shell.

“That’s what we want for our staff and our team, is that we hope that we can bring them up and either get them ready for the next level with us or the ability to move on and go to the next level someplace else,” Brown Bethune said. “We want the best for all of them.”

The show will premiere at 7 p.m. on Oct. 1 on The Cooking Channel.

The show will run for a series of six episodes, airing on consecutive Saturday nights.

Disclaimer: The Cooking Channel is partly owned by Nexstar, the parent company of WBTW.