MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — The City of Myrtle Beach responded after a viewer reached out to News13 with video that shows trash collectors emptying recycling bins into a trash truck.

The viewer, who wished to remain anonymous, lives in the Market Common area. He said he was concerned about wasting his time separating recycling and trash if the city was just going to throw it in with the trash anyways.

“I don’t want to waste my time putting it in a bin if I know it’s just going to end up in a landfill,” the viewer said.

He said in the past two weeks, he’s only seen two trucks in his neighborhood — the normal trash truck and the bulk trash truck. He said he hasn’t seen the normal recycling truck.

“Usually recycling doesn’t get picked up until the afternoon anyway, but the past few weeks they’ve been coming real early and doing it all at once,” he said.

News13 showed the video to the city. City spokesperson Mark Kruea said it won’t happen again.

“That should not have occurred today,” Kruea said in a statement to News13. “Household garbage and recycling are to be collected separately. That particular crew made the wrong call today, based on rainy conditions and trying to provide timely service. Fortunately, it does not appear to have been a widespread occurrence. We have reinforced the rules with staff and will continue to do so. The only time recycling might be ‘thrown away’ is if it is contaminated (meaning that it’s not acceptable for recycling), and that wasn’t the case. Even then, our staff should first tag the recycling container to let the resident know about the problem and give them a chance to correct it, rather than emptying the recycling in the garbage. You can assure the resident that it will not happen again.”

The viewer said he was a big on recycling an believes it makes in impact on the environment.

“I believe that ya know, we do our job to make a better, smaller footprint,” he said. “If the city is going to put out recycling bins and help us make a smaller footprint, do what’s best for the environment, let’s continue it.”

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