MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Year-round parking will go into effect starting Wednesday in Myrtle Beach.

The city voted for it in April, saying Myrtle Beach has become more of a year-round destination and less seasonal.

Parking in the city used to be free between Nov. 1 and March 1, but starting Wednesday, paid parking will be enforced from 9 a.m. until midnight every day.

At least one person isn’t happy about it.

“It’s just frustrating, it really is,” Tony Stramaglia said. “I don’t get it.”

The parking will cost $3 per hour or $15 to park all day. Free parking will still be available to Myrtle Beach residents, but those living outside city limits have the option of buying a parking decal for $100.

Stramaglia has a Myrtle Beach zip code but is actually an Horry County resident and taxpayer. When he moved to the area almost seven years ago, he had no idea he wasn’t moving into the city and will now have to pay during the offseason.

“At least in November to March, we got at least a little reprieve to come to the city to enjoy the city and go to the beach and enjoy that at no cost,” he said.

Stramaglia said he doesn’t plan on paying the $100 decal. He said just because he doesn’t pay Myrtle Beach city taxes, he feels like he has no say on decisions like this.

“[You’re] like a foreigner,” he said. “It’s like you don’t even live in the city. You might as well say you live in Canada or Italy or Japan.”

Myrtle Beach City Councilman John Krajc said the year-round parking will provide consistency across Myrtle Beach for both visitors and residents. He said all of the money from paid parking will go towards local projects.

“If we invest in Myrtle Beach, it makes the entire area better,” he said. “If we can increase the public safety aspect and increase the events for residents that are family-friendly and those types of activities, we help the entire area, not just the city of Myrtle Beach.”

Krajc said for residents like Stramaglia, the $100 decal is a good option.

“I would say the things we’re doing in the city of Myrtle Beach [are] to increase the value for folks, not just in the city of Myrtle Beach,” Krajc said. “The restaurants that are coming to the city of Myrtle Beach, the retail offerings and the other free events, it makes the value worth that money year-round.”

If you have a handicap tag or new military or veteran plates, parking is still free. For parking decal options, click here.

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Adrianna Lawrence is a multimedia journalist at News13. Adrianna is originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia, and joined the News13 team in June 2023 after graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University in May 2023. Keep up with Adrianna on Instagram, Facebook, and X, formerly Twitter. You can also read more of her work, here.