Need to see a dentist? Myrtle Beach offices see months-long waitlists for new patients

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CAROLINA FOREST, S.C. (WBTW) – Some local dentist offices are experiencing long waitlists for new patients seeking general cleanings.

Ocean Bay Dental Care reopened its doors last June after COVID-19 kept doctors at home. Now, trying to catch up from cancelations during the height of the pandemic, November is the earliest availability for new patients in need of a cleaning at Ocean Bay Dental Care.

With COVID-19 vaccinations on the rise, Ashton Quintana, a business associate at Ocean Bay Dental Care, said the phone lines are filled with new patients.

She said appointments for a standard cleaning, usually take longer compared to repeat patients, which allows Ocean Bay Dental Care to have 10-15 cleaning spots each day.

But hundreds are at risk of waiting even longer for an appointment.

“A simple cavity now – they might need a root canal and a post and a crown,” Mark McCoy, a dentist at Dentistry at Carolina Forest, said.

McCoy said there isn’t a waitlist at Dentistry at Carolina Forest, but more patients are coming in with bigger issues.

What used to be a $300 problem, he said is now much more expensive.

“I haven’t seen them in a year and a half,” he said. “They’re starting to come in now, it’s turning into a $2,500 problem.”

The area’s growth has also led to waitlists for providers.

Quintana said the best thing new patients can do while on the waitlist is to be flexible, when and if there’s a cancelation.

However, she said not to hesitate to call if there’s an emergency.

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