Neighbors in northern Horry County concerned about proposed sand mine

Grand Strand

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – Some people who live in northern Horry County are concerned about a proposed sand and clay mine.

A company called White Sands wants to put the mine on about five acres near the Horry County side of the Nichols area. It would be the third mine off about a half-mile stretch of the rural, unpaved MW Stroud Road.

Some people who live there say they’re worried mines in the area are not safe.

“We have children riding dirtbikes over there,” said one woman who lives on the road. “This whole community back here just about has horses. If any of them get out and get onto that property, the horses aren’t getting out. They’re going to drown.”

That’s what they told Horry County Council during a public hearing at Tuesday night’s meeting, as White Sands is applying for a mining permit on the property.

A map of the proposed mine by White Sands. (Courtesy: Horry County)

Steve Powell, who’s an engineer representing White Sands, says the mine would have enough buffer space from neighbors and hill barriers.

“We’ll have to post a cash bond with DHEC mining to make sure that when the pond is finished, it’s fully grassed,” said Powell, who’s the president of Venture Engineering. “It’s got slopes that meet the DHEC specification.”

Some were also worried about loud trucks and other disruptions at night.

“They go home to their families, they go to bed and they don’t have to deal with the noise, but my family does,” said Donald Hooks, who also lives on MW Stroud Road.

The mine would operate from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Powell says it would be a smaller mine with fewer trucks because crews would dig up specialty sands.

He says those sands could be used to help make concrete and asphalt.

“This is too far out in the country to be hauling a lot of what’s called fill dirt, like you see from mines that are closer to Myrtle Beach,” Powell said.

County council did not take any action on the mining permit application, but council is expected to talk about it again next month.

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