New amusement park brings jobs, growth to Myrtle Beach; expected to open May 3

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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — The new, multimillion-dollar Myrtle Beach amusement park has a tropical theme with seven thrill rides, a bar and a restaurant.

The new park, called Funplex Myrtle Beach, sits right off North Ocean Boulevard between 14th and 15th avenues. The park is tentatively scheduled to open May 3.

CEO Brian Williams said the rainy weather in February caused a slight delay in the construction process, but workers caught up on the lost time. “The rides are all up. You can probably see them. They still need to be hooked up electrically and finalized, but they are close, probably in the next week or two,” Williams said.

Williams gave an update on the amusement park’s restaurant and bar.

“We’ve got a roof on. We’ve got things moving along inside. We need all the kitchen equipment. We don’t have any equipment yet. We are still in construction phase,” Williams said.

He says the sidewalks in the theme park still need to be poured.

“The concrete for all the rides are in place but we have to pour all the sidewalks that kind of make the whole park join together in different areas and so that will be in the next week or two,” Williams said.

Myrtle Beach has been growing quickly with new businesses and attractions over the last few years. Williams says the new downtown addition has brought at least 100 jobs. He says he’s hired at least 50 people to work at the park.

“We have six full-time people that I hired as the park was being developed like a GM, operations managers, food and beverage, maintenance people to take care of the rides. We will probably need another 50 for the summer so we will have about 100 positions,” Williams said.

Karen Riordan with the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce says businesses like these and many others bring more growth, jobs and activities for residents and visitors to enjoy.

“Anytime we have a new business, it brings job creation and the chamber really loves that. It also brings new economic impact because that is additional revenue that are not just going back to the business but they are going back to the city and going back to the state,” said Riordan.

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