NEW DETAILS: North Myrtle Beach woman accused of killing newborns, disposing of bodies in trash

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NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW)- According to police warrants, Alyssa Dayvault is accused of killing two newborns and disposing of their bodies in the trash. 

According to police reports, Dayvault has two children ages 6 and 8.

According to the warrants from the North Myrtle Beach Police Department, Alyssa Anne Dayvault  allegedly disposed of a male newborn’s body around December 2 or 3, 2018 in the area of 98 S. Oak Street in North Myrtle Beach.

“The defendant was admitted to Grand Strand Regional Hospital on 12/5/2018 for complaints of heavy vaginal bleeding and during treatment she ‘delivered’ a placenta and umbilical cord consistent with a full term pregnancy, but no child was ‘delivered.’ 

Hospital staff told police when they asked about Dayvault about the pregnancy she denied it.
According to reports, a urine sample taken by the hospital reveal Dayvault tested positive for THC.

Police were contacted and conducted a recorded post-Miranda interview, during which the defendant admitted that she birthed a newborn male child at her residence in North Myrtle Beach,” state the warrants. “The defendant stated that the child was born alive and took multiple gasping breaths after having been born. The defendant further stated that she failed to secure medical treatment and did not personally take action to attempt to preserve/save the infant’s life. The defendant then disposed of the child’s body in a waste receptacle at her residence in NMB without seeking help or notifying authorities.”

People in the area say they are shocked, heartbroken, and can’t wrap their minds around this happening.

“Sadness, and to see it happen in the nice community I live in,” said Eric Herron.

She is also accused of disposing of a female newborn’s body sometime between November 4-23, 2017 in the area of 1100 David Street in the City of North Myrtle Beach, according to warrants. “Police recorded a post-Miranda interview pursuant to a separate investigation, during which the defendant admitted that she birthed a newborn female child at her residence in North Myrtle Beach.”

“The defendant then disposed of the child’s body in a public waste receptacle at her apartment in NMB without seeking help or notifying authorities,” the warrants say. “During the course of the investigation police obtained medical records which indicated that on 11/4/2017 the defendant was in her 3rd trimester of a pregnancy and that the fetus had a healthy heart tone.”

Herron lived in the apartment complex during the time, and said he remembers seeing Dayvault around.

“I feel like it’s  a very family oriented community and to hear something like that happening in my neighborhood, our neighborhood is really sad. There’s nothing good about anything like that happening close to home,” said Herron.

North Myrtle Beach Police are still investigating, and confiscated items from Dayvault’s home during a search warrant.

Search warrant documents show police were looking for any and all lab reports pertaining to pregnancy, child birth, or abortion. Reports also show police were looking for any bloody articles of clothing associated with child birth.

The Horry County coroner’s office said the newborn male’s body has been taken for an autopsy at MUSC, and it could take a couple of months to get the results.

Dayvault is charged with two counts of  murder/homicide by child abuse and two counts of graves/destruction, desecration or removal of human remains. 

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