New organization focused on revitalization efforts in downtown Myrtle Beach

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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — A recently formed organization called the Myrtle Beach Downtown Alliance wants to enhance downtown Myrtle Beach.

CEO Amy Barrett said the group’s plan is to contribute to the revitalization efforts already underway to make the area a more desirable place to live, work, or visit.

“It’s really important for regions the size of the Myrtle Beach region to really diversify the economy in terms of jobs, and in growth and development,” Barrett said.

With an increase in county growth, Barrett is looking to funnel it into the downtown area.

“Things like economic development, business recruitment and retention, all of those things that are really important for the private sector to have a voice and to be out there promoting Myrtle Beach,” she said.

While downtown development has been tackled in the past, it does not always come to fruition. Barrett said with 18 board members made up of private sectors and local government officials, that could have been the missing piece the city needed.

“I think that bringing those two pieces together in a way that maybe in the past has not been as well coordinated as it could have been, will really help us create a unified front and how we talk to both residents who are here already, potential future residents and businesses and investors,” she said. 

With plans to enhance the life for residents holding true, Barrett also wants to draw in more tourists visiting the area. 

In a news release from Myrtle Beach International Airport, the city saw record-breaking passenger numbers in the month of October, a 31% increase in total passengers from October 2019. This, Barrett said, is another reason to revitalize deeper into the downtown area.

“When they come here they are really focused, obviously on the oceanfront. But there’s real opportunity to bring them closer to places like Broadway [street] and Ninth avenue,” Barrett said. “So we want more of that and more opportunities to draw people a little further in.”

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