New York charity for children and veterans makes impact on the Grand Strand

Grand Strand

Laps for Limbs is a Buffalo, New York, based charity which aims to provide children and veterans who lost a limb with a higher quality of life.

This weekend, people will participate in an event to raise money and awareness for the non-profit organization. Although the main event will be in New York, people across the country can participate virtually, such as Brian Johnson from Murrell’s Inlet.

Johnson will run as many laps as he can for one hour. For each lap he runs, one of his clients will donate $10 in addition to the funds he’s already raised for the charity.

“You can never do enough to help veterans,” Johnson said. “I have a lot of veterans that are friends, I never in the military myself, but I know it’s something I’m passionate about.”

Laps for Limbs founder, Kristen Smith tells News13, she hopes the effects of the organization go beyond physical help.

“In terms of quality of life and return to sport, think about the things you enjoy, and if those were taken away from you,” Smith said. “If you can get them back in some sense I really hope that can contribute to the whole mental health deal as well.”

To make a donation or to learn more about Laps for Limbs, click here.

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