NMB pizzeria presents checks to pay off lunch debt

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NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – On Tuesday the Main Slice presented checks to three elementary schools in Horry County to pay off their lunch debt.

Principals at Ocean Drive, Riverside, and Waterway elementary schools all say it is a huge relief to have the debt paid.

Principal Renea Fowler of Ocean Drive says the community’s efforts will help students focus on school and not their next meal.

“You can’t function and focus on learning when you’re hungry, said Fowler.

Parents and faculty of the elementary schools can rest assured that each student will have a hot lunch every day going into the new year.

Derrick Nunziante, owner of Main Slice, says his fundraiser earned nearly $10,000.

Nunziante’s original goal was the pay off Waterway’s debt and ended up earning enough to cover the debt of the city’s three elementary schools.

“Once everybody started stepping up and doing the things that our community does in North Myrtle Beach we realized we had an opportunity to [pay off. We just pushed it and pushed it and pushed it and we were able to do all three,” said Nunziante.

Substantial donations were made by Carolina Panthers football player Temmarick Hemingway and Chris Efaw, owner of Chris’ Pizza in Longs.

“Thank you to Main Slice and to the North Myrtle Beach community. And to Temmarick Hemingway, because he is a true North Myrtle Beach celebrity that has helped his community out immensely,” said Fowler.

“We have such a giving community and we’re so proud of that here in North Myrtle Beach and it’s what makes our city special,” said North Myrtle Beach Councilwoman Nikki Fontana.

Fontana wants to remind parents that lunch assistance programs are available. Follow this link sign-up for free or reduced lunch within the Horry County Schools district.

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