NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – North Myrtle Beach city leaders held a public workshop to hear local business owners’ concerns about the proposed plastic bag ban ahead of the ordinance’s second reading on Monday.

The city’s chamber of commerce told council most of its businesses like the idea of a plastic bag ban, but they want to make sure the city does it the right way.

The chamber and local businesses agree it is important to make the community and tourists aware of a potential plastic bag ban through an on-going, educational program.

Retailers say they’re worried about the cost and timing of the ban; one says having to buy reusable bags would cost him thousands of dollars more each year.

However, local environmentalist and board member of Surfrider Grand Strand, Corinne Hellyer says there are methods businesses can use to keep costs down, like issuing a fee for its bags.

“There are ways to alleviate those accommodations. Lowe’s Food gives you a discount if you bring your own bags. Maybe that’s something your business wants to take into consideration. Again, it’s not the job of us or council to tell you how to run your business, but there are better alternatives,” Hellyer said.

North Myrtle Beach city council is scheduled to vote on second reading of the plastic bag ban ordinance during their April 1 meeting, but the vote could be deferred until the April 15 meeting.