NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — A North Myrtle Beach man who was fostering a dog from Kind Keeper Animal Rescue decided to adopt the dog after it escaped Sunday night during fireworks.

Kevin Coleman, friends, and family were waiting for fireworks to start in Cherry Grove when one unexpectedly went off right near them, sending Bardwell, the puppy, running into the woods and ravine.

“Somebody else set off a firework right close to where we were and he took off,” Coleman said. “He was gone.”

Coleman said he brought the dog outside because he’s a hunting dog and is training him to be a hunting dog. He was trying to get him used to the loud noises at a young age. Coleman and his friends searched all night, eventually finding the puppy.

“So later on I went back, I brought his food bowl and I walked the who ravine, had my boots on for the snakes and everything, and I found him and it was amazing,” said Matthew Russo, Coleman’s friend.

“He’s fine,” Coleman said. “He’s loving home for sure.”

Coleman decided to make this his permanent home, rename him to Cerberus, and adopt him.

“He’s not going anywhere, that’s for sure,” Coleman said.

He also decided to adopt another puppy from Kind Keeper. The no-kill non-profit said their rescue is full and they’re in need of adopters and fosters.

After a sizable donation allowed Kind Keeper no-kill animal shelter to purchase land for a new building, staff there is working to raise the $3 million needed for construction.

“We have been inundated with animals,” Kind Keeper Animal Rescue volunteer Betsy Shortle said. “We were really busy with 2020 and it has not slowed down here.”

For information on how to adopt, foster, or volunteer, visit the Kind Keeper website.