North Myrtle Beach offers door hangers to signal for post-storm help

Grand Strand

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC – The city’s Public Safety Department is initiating a “Safety after the Storm” door hanger program.

The department will mail City water and sewer customers a “Safety after the Storm” brochure and laminated door hangers that homeowners can hang on their front doors to signal if they need help after a hurricane.

One side of the door hanger shows “HELP” in red, and the other “OK” in green. When hung on the front door facing the street, the door hangers give rescue crews a quick way to spot homes in distress in a hurricane’s aftermath when homeowners cannot otherwise call for Fire/EMS or Police.

“We encourage residents in areas that still have phone service to dial 911 first,” said Fire Chief Garry Spain. “This program is more for flooded areas and parts of the city that may be devastated. The door hangers give us immediate awareness of where we need to focus our initial rescue energies.”

Public Safety Department drones can identify the door-hangers from the sky and determine the GPS locations of homes with the “Help” side showing. When fallen trees, power lines and other debris block access to a devastated section of the city, drones can survey homes more quickly than personnel in
vehicles or on foot.

“Of course, we are going to check all homes in the city,” said Director of Public Safety Jay Fernandez, “but the door hangers will be of great help in directing
us to the immediate needs of those who cannot otherwise communicate their status to us.”

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