NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — North Myrtle Beach has seen an increase in visitors and has high expectations heading into the Christmas travel season.

Cheryl Kilday, the CEO of Destination North Myrtle Beach, said they are happy with the upward trend they are seeing in visitors.

“Travel to North Myrtle Beach this fall has been pretty solid…. Overall, we’re doing better than we were in 2019, which is our benchmark year. We had a really good Labor Day, we’ve been really pleased with the trend this year,” Kilday said.

Travel nationwide has increased from last year. Destination Analysts reported 82% of American travelers say they currently have trips planned.

Nationally, the trends for the holiday projections have been that people are going to travel, more than in 2021,” Kilday said. “Which, I think, was a surprise for some of the analysts. There is a concern about the economy and if a recession is coming, inflation is high, but people are planning on traveling for Thanksgiving, people are still planning on traveling for Christmas.”

According to Destination Analysts, two-thirds of American travelers believe we will enter a recession soon, but that hasn’t stopped them from booking their flights. 30% of American travelers reported they have traveling plans for Christmas, which is up 3% from a last year.

They may spend a little differently. A little bit less on some of their dining and a little bit less on some of their entertainment, but they are definitely still planning to travel,” Kilday said.

Destination North Myrtle Beach said they expect higher travel numbers around Christmas than they did back in 2019.