NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — No matter the time of day, The Kitchen Table in North Myrtle Beach is always thinking about breakfast and lunch. And they’re doing something right because the restaurant is one of the biggest joints in town, serving thousands of meals a week.

“We’re the biggest breakfast restaurant anywhere,” owner Rod Zamrik said. “When you add up all the seating from the right side, to the middle, to here, there’s no one bigger. So when there’s a line, we get people through very fast.”

The Kitchen Table is big, and so are the portions. But their waits aren’t, and that’s leading customers to come back for more.

“We get a lot of regulars that come every year for vacation,” Zamrik said. “This is their spot. “Our record is, we have some people from Connecticut that come, and they came 17 days in a row.”

Seven years ago Rod and Dana opened up The Kitchen Table. It was unlike anything they had ever done.

“I was in corporate for 30 years,” Zamrik said, “at regional level and just wanted to do our own thing.”

Doing their own thing means doing it right from start to finish.

“We do several things,” Zamrik said. “One, we make it from scratch. I’m sure others do, but we focus on making it the right way and our price-point. When we go out, I have three girls, when we go out, we don’t want to pay a ton. We want to pay what we feel is reasonable, so that’s what we charge, and that’s what we do.”

Today, their big results are aided by their big menu.

“We have some unique items,” Zamrik said. “We have Boston cream pancakes with chocolate ganache on it, and stuffed French toast, seafood omelet. Our skillets are very big. Very big portions. We do a Philadelphia cheesesteak the right way. You know, coming from Pennsylvania. When we first got here, they showed me a Philly, I said ‘That’s not a Philly. This is a Philly.’ And we made it, and now ever since, we’re known for our Philadelphia cheesesteaks.”

Like hanging around your neighbor’s kitchen table, you’ll want to be here, with your neighbors.

“We live here,” Zamrik said. “And we want to create an environment where people can know they can get in, get great food at a great price-point and get out.”

If you’re gonna dine at The Kitchen Table, get there early, they’re only open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.