NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Buoys on the Boulevard got flooded on July 4 when a sudden storm rolled through, and now owner Weldon Boyd is making sure he is as prepared as he could be as impacts from Hurricane Ian could affect South Carolina.

So we’ve got sand bags, flood tarps, waterproof tape and this year we’ve got something new called quick dam,” Boyd said.

He said the sandbags and tarp should help stop the water from flowing into the building.

We’ll lay a tarp down, we’ll seal the tarp to the side of the building at the entry ways and we’ll put pressure at the top with the sand bags,” Boyd said.

This preparation could have saved them money. Boyd said each flood costs them.

“It cost money and that’s the fifth or sixth time we’ve had to close because the streets don’t drain and that cost us a lot of money,” he said. “Fourth of July could have been about $30,000 for us, which we needed.”

Boyd tried to make a change through the city. He said Councilman J.O. Baldwin tried to get a backup solution.

“Temporary pumps possibly being set out here with hoses ran over the dunes to maybe, if the drainage does fail, flip the pumps on and move some water,” Boyd said. “They need to just own up to the fact that the drainage is not performing the way it needs to perform, stop spending money on the sports complex and maybe spend some here on Main Street. Main Street is important too and you’ve got businesses down there that lose money and lose days they can operate.”

Boyd encouraged the community to eat and shop local.