NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Jake and Simba have been at the North Myrtle Beach Humane Society for nearly a year, and they are anxious to find their forever home for Christmas. 

The pair are not brothers by blood, but they have spent their whole lives together and are inseparable best friends. They ended up at the humane society because their owners had a new baby, and they could no no longer give Jake and Simba all of the attention they deserved. 

Meaghan Pitman, marketing director for the North Myrtle Beach Humane Society, said there is interest in adoption here and there, but one thing always holds potential adopters back.

“We get a lot of attention in Simba. People see him and they’re like, ‘I want him.’ I get it. He’s handsome,” Pitman said. “Then once we say, ‘oh, he’s a bonded pair with his brother Jake,’ they look at Jake, and unfortunately Jake has been considered an ugly duckling, and that’s so sad because Jake is so cute, and he’s so handsome.”

The sad reality of Jake and Simba is that adopters are interested in Simba right away, but when they find out he has to be adopted with Jake, they step back because they think Jake is ugly. 

“It really just is unfortunate that right now what is stopping them from getting adopted is that people just don’t like how Jake looks, and that’s not a reason,” Pitman said. 

She said Jake and Simba are a loving pair, and she said she thinks Jake is the goofier, more playful of the two. 

“Simba is always just like, happy to be here pretty much,” Pitman said.”That’s just Simba. He kind of just like goes with the flow. He’ll follow Jake around and he’ll look at Jake rolling in the dirt and he’ll just be like, ‘okay,’ and he’ll just come over.” 

Pitman said spending nearly a year in the shelter has been tough on the pups, but they keep their happy attitudes because they have each other to depend on. 

“They’re still so happy despite being here basically for almost a year,” Pitman said. “I just love going over in the kennel and saying hi to them cause their tail is always wagging. They definitely put me and everyone else here in a better mood, especially when we’re having some rough days around here.”

For this holiday season, Jake and Simba’s adoption fees are “two for the price of one.” Both boys are microchipped and have been neutered. They also have up-to-date vaccinnations and have been dewormed and get monthly heartworm medicine. 

To meet this loving pair, reach out to the North Myrtle Beach Humane Society.