NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Tuesday marked nine years since 23-year-old Amber Berbiglia was found dead underneath an overpass along Robert Edge Parkway in North Myrtle Beach.

Michelle Robinson, Berbiglia’s mother said her life changed forever that day.

“Life will never be the same,” Robinson said. “You know you’ve got to learn to go on, but I’m very angry that I have no closure. ‘What the hell happened?’ She was going to get married in two weeks.”

Berbiglia was found next to her still-running car. Officials determined her cause of death was blunt force trauma.

Horry County police have yet to name a suspect in the case.

“I just don’t feel justice has been served,” Robinson said. “I feel wronged–very hurt.”

Berbiglia was one of Robinson’s three children.

“Amber, I miss so much,” Robinson said. “Amber was a spark. She just lightened up every room.”

Berbiglia’s aunt, Suzanne Henclewski said Amber was her “texting buddy” because Amber would check in while Henclewski lived elsewhere.

“Just an angel on Earth,” Henclewski said of her niece. “She was always happy and bubbly.”

Robinson said Tuesday marked another anniversary without any closure.

“Actually, I can’t believe it’s nine years,” Robinson said. “I just don’t know where it went.”

Robinson tends a roadside memorial with pictures of Amber as well as flowers. The memorial marks the spot where Robinson said Amber was killed in broad daylight while on her way to work.

“Having the pictures, it’s a little bit therapeutic knowing I have great support from my family,” Robinson said.

Robinson said that someone in the community has to know something about who killed Amber and why.

“I just need closure–the family, her sister, her brother, her dad–we need closure,” Robinson said.

Berbiglia’s family said they hope next year’s 10th anniversary comes with the justice they’re looking for. In the meantime, they hang onto mementos.

“She was a real person and we really, really miss her,” Henclewski said. “She’s not just a cold case. She’s a real person we loved and we miss her. We just want some answers.”

Horry County police told News13 that her case remains open.

The department said anyone with information should call the HCPD tip line at 843-915-8477.