NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Several businesses in North Myrtle Beach had to clean up after Monday’s flooding.

“[Monday] was one of those days we get once every few years,” said Simon Ohayon, owner of Kings at the Beach. The amount of rain was unbelievable.”

Some people got stranded at their cars, like part-time North Myrtle Beach resident Jim Eddis.

“It was incredible,” Eddis said. “My sister was stranded two blocks away and we had to go out and help her.”

Ohayon said he and his employees fought off the water with merchandise to prevent it from coming into the store.

“We tried to block the doors with t-shirts and towels and everything to get less water coming in but no matter how much we tried to block the doors, it wasn’t working,” he said.

He said he’s lived in North Myrtle Beach since 1984 and flash flooding from a thunderstorm is rare.

“Yes, [it happens] once every couple of years, two, three years,” Ohayon said.

He said the drainage system installed helps, but the water piles up when debris cover the drain. He said the biggest problem he has when floods do happen is when people tried to drive through the standing water and created big wakes.

“Wake was the biggest factor of the flood in the store,” Ohayon said.

Ohayon said he and other people tried to clear the drains.

“Just putting their hand inside of the two feet of water to get all the mulch and debris off the drain so all the water could be drained faster,” he said.

Eddis said the drainage system works well but there was too much rain at in a short period of time.

“I think it’s cause we got about eight inches of rain in an hour I think it just overwhelmed the system,” Eddis said. “It’s definitely worked a lot better since they did it, renovate everything.”

Buoys on the Boulevard also closed on Monday due to the flooding.