NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — A North Myrtle Beach dog that was at the center of “Teddy’s Bucket List” died Tuesday, according to the North Myrtle Beach Humane Society.

Teddy was abandoned at the humane society in July 2021 and was found with a tumor a vet determined was terminal and inoperable, according to the humane society. Teddy was 15 years old.

The shelter wasn’t sure of how long Teddy would live, so the shelter dedicated its time to filling Teddy’s last days with happiness and adventures.

The human society thanked all those who helped complete Teddy’s Bucket List.

“To say he was spoiled rotten is an understatement,” the humane society said in a Facebook post. “When people met Teddy, they often assumed he was a puppy because of how vivacious he acted. Teddy truly enjoyed meeting new people on a daily basis, and we take comfort in knowing he touched so many lives.”

The humane society said Teddy’s last nine months were filled with a “lifetime of love.”

“While we knew his time was limited, today was still immensely hard for our team,” the human society’s statement reads. “Nine months was far longer than anyone imagined Teddy would have with us, but today that time feels too short. If love alone could have healed Teddy, he would have outlived us all.”

Teddy peacefully passed in the arms of his “soul mate,” according to the humane society.

“We love you Teddy Bear; you were the best boy ever,” the post reads. “Save us a sunset walk.”

The human society is asking for donations in Teddy’s memory to help save more animals.