NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — A North Myrtle Beach woman who was convicted in 2020 of killing two newborns and putting their bodies in the trash was caught earlier this month with drugs in prison, according to state records.

Alyssa Dayvault, 33, is serving a 40-year sentence after being found guilty of two counts of homicide by child abuse. She did not show up for any of the four days of her trial, and later turned herself in.

Dayvault was admitted to the Grand Strand Medical Center in December 2018 for “heavy vaginal bleeding” and delivered a placenta and umbilical cord, but no baby, according to warrants. After police were contacted, she admitted that she gave birth to a baby at her home. The baby took “multiple gasping breaths,” and she didn’t attempt to get him medical treatment or try to save his life.

She later put the body in a “waste receptacle” at her home, according to warrants. She had given birth to a girl in November 2017, whose body she also disposed of.

She was disciplined for the use or possession of narcotics, marijuana, an unauthorized drug or inhalant on April 2022, according to prison records.

As a result, she has lost her canteen, visitation and telephone privileges for 150 days. She has been placed in restricted housing for 60 days, according to an officials with the corrections center.

Currently housed at the Leath Correctional Institution is Greenwood, she worked as barber there from March 2021 until the date she was caught with drugs. She has not received any education credits or certificates while incarcerated.

She is expected to be released in September 2055. She is not eligible for parole.