‘Not out of the woods’: COVID hospitalizations on slow decline after holiday surge

Grand Strand

THE GRAND STRAND, S.C. (WBTW) — COVID-19 hospitalizations in the Grand Strand are on a slow decline following a holiday surge.

Hospital officials say while the downward trend is encouraging, the amount of seriously ill patients remains a concern.

Conway Medical Center reported treating 44 patients on average during the week of January 11.

On Tuesday 22 COVID patients were hospitalized at CMC.

“When your numbers get high like ours have been the last several weeks, it’s going to take awhile for that to work it’s way out,” said Dr. Paul Richardson, CMC Chief Medical Officer.

Richardson says the virus is quick to spread, but can take much longer to recover from.

“It takes nowhere near as long to get this thing all raveled up than it does to unravel. The current downward is a lot slower than the curve up. We do know that,” said Richardson.

The holiday surge brought a record breaking number of hospitalized COVID patients at Tidelands Health.

Officials say nearly 80 COVID patients were treated shortly after the new year.

On Tuesday Tidelands Health said 40 patients were COVID positive.

“Our physicians are getting better and better and better at caring for the COVID in patient so those are recovering a little faster than they were before,” said Gayle Resetar, Tidelands Health Chief Operating Officer.

Resetar says the hospital has given nearly 400 antibody treatments.

Efforts to keep vulnerable people out of hospital beds.

Hospital officials say the only way to lower hospital numbers is to follow guidelines by wearing masks, social distancing, and avoiding large gatherings.

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