MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — The fight to prevent a 7-Eleven in the Living Dunes community is underway and after Thursday’s Community Appearance Board meeting, plans are being put on hold.

The residents at the Living Dunes community first approached the new development by petitioning for a new ordinance. Now, they’re taking legal action.

“Every one of us bought here knowing that it was gonna be developed. The thought was it was gonna be commercial,” Geoff King, a Living Dunes resident said. “A gas station introduces a lot of other impact.”

King said he expected new commercial development in the Living Dunes area. What he didn’t know was that a gas station would be a part of it.

“Just to be transparent, we don’t want the gas station there, it just brings too many aspects that none of us intended when buying in the neighborhood,” he said.

One of those main aspects being health and safety concerns because of its location.

“The reason being that benzene and other compounds are released from underground gas tank storage vents and also when we put gas in our cars,” said Richard Klein, Founder of Community and Environmental Defense Services (CEDS).

The community’s first effort to stop development included a petition to put an ordinance in place that would prevent gas stations from being built within 500 feet from homes. Now, they’ve turned to legal help.

“At least take a look at this and see if we at least have a legal case to make, that a gas station is appropriate for that spot that development in Grand Dunes,” King said. “She believes that we have a case to make.”

But after filing an appeal with the zoning board and not hearing back in time, they chose to put a restraining order on the lot, and at Thursday’s Community Appearance Board meeting, the 7-Eleven plan was put on hold.

“Perhaps that restraining order wouldn’t have been necessary if the city came back to our attorney and said yes we’re gonna pull it off the agenda,” he said.

As of Friday evening, there has been no word on when the 7-Eleven will be discussed again .