HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — Horry County Schools wants to know whether students will attend classes in-personal or virtually next school year, however, some parents say plexiglass is a deal breaker.

Some parents spoke to News13 and said their biggest concern is safety protocols and they still have many questions. The district said it plans to follow state guidelines, which means plexiglass is here to stay.

“My daughter, who’s an honors student, has no desire to go back to school and sit in a fish bowl, as she says,” Kara Bohack said.

Parents in Horry County are weighing options for fall.

“My junior, next year is her senior year and she wants to go back, but she just doesn’t want to be wearing a mask for all those hours and sitting behind plexiglass,” Bohack said. “If they got rid of those, she would be back.”

While some parents question plexiglass in classrooms, others say it needs to be required.

“For now and for the foreseeable future, the plexiglass is going to stay in place,” Superintendent Richard Maxey said.

Maxey said the district will “stick to the path it’s on” by following state guidelines. Students registering for in-person learning should hold on to their masks.

“As suggested by the director of DHEC, the wearing of masks will continue taking steps to mitigate transmission of the virus,” Maxey said.

The district spent more than $5 million on plexiglass installation. The district is working out a plan to repurpose the glass when it’s no longer needed.

“Making good use of our resources and that we’re respectful of the environment,” Maxey said. “But bottom line is I don’t know how long it’s going to be before we get to the point that it’s removed.”

Parents have until April 30 to register students for the fall semester virtually.

The district said spring registration is for all students, both brick-and-mortar and the K-12 virtual program. All students registering for both learning methods must register in their brick-and-mortar school.

All decisions on learning method will be final.

The timeline for registration was laid out at the March 8 board meeting. A replay of the meeting can be found on the Horry County Schools website. Clicking an agenda item on the left will skip the video to that portion of the meeting.

More registration information can be found on the district website.