HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — Horry County is expecting a winter storm on Friday that could bring light snow and ice on the roads.

Tony Casey, the spokesperson for Horry County Fire Rescue, said power outages in the area possible this week, and it is important for the community to be prepared.

Horry County Fire Rescue is warning the community that if they do not properly know how to keep their homes warm, they can cause damage to their homes or people.

Casey said there have been incidents where people have brought generators and grills into their homes to keep warm after power outages. Those same people can end up losing their home and their lives due to improperly heating their home.

“Whichever heat source is going to be used, we emphasize ventilation, so if you’re using a space heater off of a generator or anything like that, make sure you have working carbon monoxide alarms,” he said.

Casey also suggests using battery-operated lights instead of candles.

First responders see a spike in calls during severe weather, and icy roads can slow down emergency responders driving to people who weren’t prepared.

However, Casey said that Horry County Fire Rescue does have protocols in place to make sure they are responding to emergencies safely and crews will be working to make sure roads stay clear.