Realtor group raises concerns about proposed property setback amendment in Horry County

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HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — The Coastal Carolinas Association of Realtors is worried that an amendment that would increase property setbacks on roadways in Horry County could affect local property owners.

Laura Crowther, the organization’s chief executive officer, said that while they support the safety and road improvements the setbacks would bring, the change could negatively affect property owners.

“Our biggest concern is that we really don’t know the overall impact that these proposed setbacks would have on the property owners in the rural areas,” Crowther said.

The proposed amendment would place a 60-foot setback on major roads like Highway 90 and Highway 905. It would also increase other residential setbacks from 25 to 40 feet.

“It could certainly affect the usability of their property, depending on the setback, depending on what their needs are,” she said.

CCAR said the setbacks could make existing lots unbuildable, lower the value of affected homes and affect future developments.

“When they bought the property, they had potentially thought that they would be able to develop the property or even rebuild or build an additional structure on the property,” Crowther said.

According to Horry County Planning and Zoning, the Rural Working Group recommended the increase of a 25-foot setback to a 40-foot residential front setback. This is meant to be consistent with the SF20 zoning district.

Zoning officials said the 60-foot setback would benefit future widening projects for major roadways.

“We’d rather take the front of their property as opposed to taking their home in the future. It’s a trade-off,” Leigh Kane, a community development planner for Horry County, said during the Planning Commission workshop.

Right now, CCAR is asking the council to not act on the proposal until each side has a greater understanding of the impacts.

“We understand and support safety and road improvements but not at the peril of the property owners,” Crowther said.

She said they have spoken with several council members and that they understand their concerns. They have a plan to drill down and identify the areas of most concern moving forward.

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