Recording studio opening in Myrtle Beach hopes to take music scene to the next level

Grand Strand

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — Music in Myrtle Beach is on the verge of a major breakthrough, says a local songwriter working with a brand new recording studio.

Arcadia Studios is opening on Seaboard Street and offers high tech resources to accommodate a wide range of artistic projects.

“We wanted to offer something more to the community other than just a recording studio,” Patrick Richardson said. “We wanted to make it like you don’t have to travel out of town to Atlanta or Charlotte to have access to pro services.”

Those services include everything from music recording, photography, videography, editing and more.

Darryl Cherry said they have clients representing all genres and want to create a space that can help take Myrtle Beach’s musicians to the next level.

“Investing in people will garner more rewards than investing in more money,” Cherry said. “And I’ve always felt that. So investing in the city of Myrtle Beach and its people and its art scene and music scene and creative side.”

One member of Myrtle Beach’s music scene, songwriter Chris Muti, is already hard at work at Arcadia. He’s working on a song called ‘At the End,’ which will be local band Pawgy and the We’Ah’s debut single.

“The music we’re producing, we are trying to tap into something that’s a little bit old, a little bit new but we call it a renaissance,” Muti explained.

Muti is originally from New Jersey and has lived in Myrtle Beach for around a year. He’s been writing songs since he was a teenager and is back in the studio after swearing music off.

“I just felt like, man if it’s not putting food on the table and if it’s not benefiting my family, then it’s not worth doing,” Muti said. “But I wanted to give music one last shot. And really pursue my dream to write songs and to just share music with the world.”

That’s what he’s doing, with his best friend by his side, who is also a songwriter. Muti has high hopes for what’s to come for musicians along the Grand Strand.

“The music scene here in Myrtle Beach I feel is getting ready to explode,” Muti said.

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