Residents pack meeting to express concerns of proposed Tidelands Health hospital in Carolina Bays area

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HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WBTW) — Tidelands Health leaders presented their plans to community members for a new hospital to be built in the Carolina Bays area and dozens of residents expressed concerns.

The new hospital will be called “Tidelands Health Carolina Bays Hospital” and will be located at Highway 707 and Peat Moss Road.

Tidelands Health officials said they expect there to be 36 beds with an emergency room. It will not be a trauma center so air transport will be limited to projected two to three transports per month.

Residents near and on Tern Hall drive were invited to the meeting held by Tidelands Health officials to learn about the project, ask questions and share their concerns.

“I personally like the thought of the hospital there. I’m getting old I might have a heart attack, I’d rather be five minutes away then 20 minutes away but I want to be able to leave my home and come back with ease like I do now,” said Gene Taylor, a resident in the Tern Hall community.

Many residents, including Taylor, expressed concerns over excessive noise, traffic, and bright lights that a hospital may bring.

Dozens of Tern Hall residents pack the meeting room at South Strand Recreation Center

Tidelands Health President and CEO Bruce Bailey said a traffic light will be added to Peat Moss Road due to the increase of traffic from the hospital.

“With our volume of traffic with the hospital, plus theirs and some others, together we have enough traffic to warrant the light and traffic signal so we consider that a win-win for both the Tern Hall community and us,” he said.

Bailey also mentioned that they want to be a good neighbor to the residents in that area. After hearing concerns of noise, Bailey said they’ll look into buffer zones, trees or fences to help.

“To say that this location is a perfect location for a hospital that’s in a developed community, I would like to see your Tidelands research,” said, Maureen Savello, a resident in the Tern Hall community.

For flooding and water concerns, Tidelands Health officials said there will be a system of retention ponds and piping to control the water through the 707 drainage system.

Residents like Rob Hans, who say they already deal with water issues in the Tern Hall community weren’t so sure that would help saying, “you can’t guarantee that water is not going to come into Tern Hall, there’s no guarantee.”

Hans added that, “once we get enough rain it’s going to come into Tern Hall.”

The next steps are for these plans to be presented to Horry County Planning and Zoning this Thursday and on May 6th. Then, the plans will go to Horry County Council for discussion and final approval.

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