SOCASTEE, S.C. (WBTW) – “I just wondered. Could we have helped him? Could we have run out there and pulled him out of there on time? It was just really scary to think about,” Morgan Heleine said.

Heleine lives in the neighborhood near Socastee Boulevard. She said she was at home when she heard a loud crash outside.

“I felt the impact of when he landed and that kind of just vibrated everything. Our first thought was something is falling out of the sky,” Heleine said.

Pat Bellamy also lives nearby. She also heard a loud noise and didn’t know what it was but when she walked outside.

“There was a plane right in the field right behind me. It was just very emotional. Within seconds, this horrible explosion happened and before that there were cars stopped on the highway, people out there rushing over to the plane, I guess to try and help,” Bellamy said.

Heleine’s ring doorbell camera caught the tragic ending as the plane went down.

First responders arrived at the scene in minutes. One person was killed in the crash. An off-duty Horry County police officer witnessed the crash and tried to help.

Heleine says she called 911 several times. “So many people off the road were calling at the same time. Then quickly the police, fire rescue, and airport fire rescue quickly came over and put out the fire. It was just so scary to watch and think about,” Heleine said.

“You hope you never have to experience one of these again. I have cried a lot,” Bellamy said.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSP) is investigating the crash.