SAT, AP scores on the rise for Horry County Schools

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CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – Horry County Schools says its scores are improving in two important tests for students looking at college.

The district’s high school students are performing above state and national averages on the SAT and Advanced Placement exams. For the class of 2018, Horry County Schools ranked ninth in the state in the SAT.

The two-part average score for reading and writing, along with math, was 1095. That’s 31 points higher than the statewide average of 1064 and 46 points above the national average of 1049.

The HCS reading and writing average was 558, above the statewide average of 543 and national average of 529.

The HCS math average was 537, besting the statewide and national average of 520.

“We also offer an array of additional free testing classes and different sessions that students can take not only on SATs, but PSATs,” said HCS spokesperson Lisa Bourcier. “People are really taking advantage of that extra prep work.”

Here’s a list of the nine Horry County high schools that beat the SAT national average.

  1. The Academy for Arts, Science & Technology – 1171
  2. North Myrtle Beach High School – 1148
  3. Aynor High School – 1140
  4. Socastee High School – 1103
  5. Carolina Forest High School – 1095
  6. St. James High School – 1082
  7. Green Sea Floyds High School – 1080
  8. Myrtle Beach High School – 1062
  9. Conway High School – 1057

The district also says more students took the SAT and AP exams last school year. HCS says there was a seven percent increase in students taking the SAT. The district also says 73 more students were in the AP program in 2018 (2,148 students) than 2017 (2,075 students). 

About 66 percent of Horry County high school students scored at least a three on an AP exam in 2018. That’s up five percent from 2017.

Scoring a three, four or five on an AP exam can earn a student college credit.

“We offer a tremendous amount of Advanced Placement classes in our high school level,” Bourcier said. “A lot of counties throughout the state and other states do not offer the amount that we have here. So we really do have an additional opportunity for students and they’re taking advantage.”

According to the state education department, the Darlington County School District was the only other district in our area to outperform the statewide SAT average. Florence School District Five also beat the national average, but fell only two points shy of the statewide average.

Here’s a list of the SAT averages for the districts in our area:

  1. Horry County Schools – 1095
  2. Darlington County School District – 1065
  3. Florence School District 5 – 1062
  4. Dillon County School District 3 – 1047
  5. Marion County District 10 – 1018
  6. Georgetown County School District – 1011
  7. Florence School District 1 – 1008
  8. Florence School District 2 – 982
  9. Dillon County School District 4 – 961
  10. Florence County School District 3 – 912
  11. Marlboro County School District – 889
  12. Florence County School District 4 – 863

For students scoring a three or higher on AP exams, seven Horry County schools beat the national average of 57 percent: AAST (81 percent), Carolina Forest (72 percent), Conway (70 percent), Myrtle Beach (70 percent), North Myrtle Beach (68 percent), Socastee (67 percent), and St. James (66 percent).

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