SC businesses struggle to hire employees amid pandemic

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NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – It’s been a rough year not just for people looking for a job but also for businesses looking for people to work for them.

Leaders with Homegrown Hospitality Group explains what hiring has been like.

“We are definitely hiring all positions at this point,” said Director of Marketing for Homegrown Hospitality Group, Liza Milsaps. “We have not seen the influx of applicants as we have in the previous years.”

Other hospitality businesses say they believe the pandemic has also created fear in many people seeking employment.

“Usually we are flooded with people looking for jobs,” said Reservation Director for Elliot Beach Rentals, Marlo Shields. “Maybe they are looking for work from home positions. I have seen a lot of that. That pretty much is what I think the issue is and maybe a lot of people still on unemployment that are not really needing to work.”

But hospitality businesses are not the only ones feeling the wrath of the pandemic.

“Thankfully, we only were only shut down for a few months during the actual pandemic. We are in full swing for hiring. We have many positions available that haven’t changed due to corona,” said Leslie Beck with 21 Main Events.

Businesses say they have also seen a decrease in international students applying for jobs amid the pandemic.

“We haven’t seen any yet so I am not sure what that will look like for this year,” said Milsaps. “Definitely we have always welcomed them and it’s a great program that we have had to assist with staffing for the season.”

“We miss them,” said Shields. “They are always a huge help every year and we usually take a good amount of them at Elliot Beach Rentals. I am hoping that they are able to come this year but we definitely miss them.”

Businesses say they are hopeful this will be a much better year for them and are hoping to welcome in new employees to join their team.

“We are really trying to staff up and get ready for what’s hopeful to be a busy season,” said Milsaps.

“I am really hoping that we can get some new people here because it is going to be a great season,” said Sheilds.

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